Homemade FWD Recumbent Lowracer

front wheel drive recumbent

A comfortable and functional handmade front wheel drive recumbent made by Swizz69 in England, UK.

Bike builder Swizz69 of England, UK, shares photos of his recently built recumbent lowracer @ the AtomicZombie builders gallery. It’s a beauty!

“Whilst not a AZ design, it was built with much Zombie inspiration, with 40mm mild steel tube frame and fwd forks, Ocean Cycles seat, Tandem Stem, Sturmey Archer drum braked hubs, Marathon Racer tyres. (It) rides nice and the front wheel drive works well.”

See more @ the AZ builders gallery: http://forum.atomiczombie.com/gallery

Grinding Disc Sale – Canadians “Heads Up”

“Just a heads-up for those of you who have access to Princess Auto in person or by mail-order. Next week’s flyer contains the following:

5 piece packs grinding wheels. 4 1/2″ – $3.99 …”

Grinding Disc Sale – Canadians “Heads Up”

Chopper Fork Strength

“I recently picked up a chopper/lowrider project bike, have been tinkering with it, and am curious to the strength of the fork.  It’s a triple-tree style, 1.25″ OD, 1/16″ wall, 29″ total length (tip to tip) fork, with a disc brake mount. The dropouts are 1/4”.

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