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‘BentRider Online» Blog Archive » Atomic Zombie

by Larry Varney
Co-Editor, ‘BentRider Online

“When I first saw those words, I thought to myself, it must be a bicycling version of “Ghost Rider”, with Nicolas Cage in flames, a rictus grin shining out of the fire. And while I do think this would make a nice movie (not to mention a t-shirt and hat), it’s not at all what Atomic Zombie is all about.”

More:  BentRider Online» Blog Archive » Atomic Zombie

Thanks to Larry for this awesome review. Wow! A full page. Cheers to the ‘BentRider crew from the AZ krew.  

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Built by Mike harder
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada
our own SpinCycle

Blue Thrasher HighRoller SWB recumbent

“Highroller “Blue Thrasher” (I like birds) finished.” Built by Huggy2, Kitchener, Ont.

Handmade trike from Edmonton, Alberta

“Finishing a 100Km ride on my homebuilt trike.” Vincent from Edmonton, Canada

Handmade trike from Edmonton, Alberta

“Finishing a 100Km ride on my homebuilt trike.” Vincent from Edmonton, Canada


Custom chopper from Mexico – Atomic Zombie builders gallery

“Hi, I am sending a greeting from Mexico City. Victor Hugo Hernandez Garcia.”

Another awesome bike chopper. Muchas gracias, Victor!

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Viking Tandem Trike from Hungary – Atomic Zombie builders gallery


“Hi! I am Pihokker Gábor from Hungary. With the this year’s spring I was building a Viking Tandem Trike. I increased the size of the rear wheel and I made changes in the folding because I would have liked it, if my wife who travels at the back separately can select the suitable transmission what is comfortable for her.

I prepared a trailer because of the right placement of the packets. We arrived on the past week from an European tour with the bicycle what was beginning in Germany in Passau and onto Hungary kept until Győr where I live, the full distance 511 Km. Despite the flat tyres, we did not have any other trouble. Best regards, Gábor.”

Viking Tandem Trike

Building StreetFox and Warrior with round tubes in the Philippines

“Hi! I’m a newbie here. I’m from Mindanao the southernmost island of the Philippines and a mountain bike fanatic for many years now. But age is catching up and trikes are becoming much more inviting as time passes by.

From where I am I’ve seen just every kind of bikes from cargo/passenger carrying BMX with side car monstrosities, choppers, trick bikes, to carbon fiber road and mountain bikes but I’ve never seen a tadpole trike. So, I made it my mission to build a trike .”

Read more and join the discussion:  Building StreetFox and Warrior with round tubes in the Philippines

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