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Welcome to our new Atomic Zombie web site!
*** Feature article by Brad Graham (Radical Brad):
Salvaging Wheel Parts ***
Choppers in Greece, Estonia, Australia & Croatia
 USA SpinCycle
Australia radical trike
Bike builders chat
California recumbent & trailer
Spring into bike building
Atomic Zombie manufactured parts for your bike projects

More chopper crazy

New to the builders gallery this week:

From Estonia

 Margo Maripuu, Tallinn, Estonia

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Bike builders rock!

New Atomic Zombie web site

The latest news from Atomic Zombie

April 5, 2012 

Welcome to our new look! It has taken us a long time to get the new site organized, and we hope that you like the new layout.

We plan to add a Search function soon.

The Builders Gallery will be getting a facelift, too. We are working on new gallery software that will allow our bike building community to upload their own photos.

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Thanks for the feedback, and stay tuned for many new Atomic Zombie adventures coming soon.

AtomicZombie forum feedback

 “Brad & Kat: thank you so much, truly couldn’t do it without you. Thanks to all the people, no zombies, for taking the time to post your bikes, trikes comments and help. You all really help make it easier.

I love to look at all the bikes and trikes from all over the world.

Now, if we could just find a deserving person and help him with a really cool trike. Wait we are doing that. This is the best web site.

It is cool to be a little part of all this. Thanks from Arkansas, Mad7.”

Thanks, Mad. We’re pleased that you are a part of our special community.