July 3 AtomicZombie newsletter

Feature article by Brad Graham (Radical Brad):
“Build a simple mountain bike tandem” Part 1
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Slovakia handmade recumbent trike

Dusan's prototype recumbent trike - Slovakia

See more pictures here:  Slovakia handmade recumbent trike

Build your own recumbent tadpole trike with help from AtomicZombie.com

Happy recumbent builder and rider

Hi Brad & Kat!  Please find attached the Meridian I completed for my wife today. I built it as per the instructions but the length scared her so I shortened it.

Builder and rider are very happy and it rides well. Must build myself one now! I had to have a go. Great fun to build and ride.

Thanks very much, it has been a great project. I never thought I would ever build such a great and fun bicycle and I have had so much fun building it.

All the very best, Tim

Looks great, Tim! Thanks for your message and picture for the builders gallery.