Bike builders news – May 3

bike builders news

Feature article by RadicalBrad of

Build the HighLander Chopper – Part 2

Head tubes and bottom brackets for your bike projects – now on sale
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Chains and brake cables – we want your input
Spring Special – Save 10% on all bike parts
Washington students strut their stuff 
Bike builders community chat – hot topics of conversation
Bike builders gallery new additions – recumbents, trikes, motorized bikes, choppers & more
Builders Feedback – we love to hear from you.


Free DIY tutorials – most available in PDF format
AZTV webisode – There and Back Again: A Zombie’s Tale
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Netherlands bike chopper – wicked!

“This is my bike, will have a new custom paint on it soon. Ronald en Angela van Beest, Netherlands.”

Wow! That’s an awesome chopper, Ronald. That rake is sick! Thanks for sharing this pic with us. Your chopper buddies in the background have some wicked chops, too.

Mike’s handmade cargo bike – AtomicZombie builders gallery

“Made one similar to your Flying Dutchman, but as you can see its a step through, us old folks cant get the leg over. Regards, Mike.”