Handmade trikes, recumbents and choppers – AtomicZombie builders gallery

hand made kids' trike
So many new entries to the builders gallery it’s hard to keep up! Will be a big update to the gallery this week. In the meantime, check out the new members of the AZ family: Handmade trikes, recumbents and choppers – AtomicZombie builders gallery.

diy bike plans

AZ newsletter for Oct. 8 – AZTV & The Lost Files Part 2

Also in this issue, Part 2 of The Lost Files: TriTanic Tandem
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AZ newsletter Sept. 22 – NEW AZTV tutorial with videos!

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Phil’s Highroller build thread!

“So I took the plunge yesterday and started my Highroller. I’m doing things a little different than the plans, but I think it will turn out ok. If not, I’ll make it ok!

I am using the seat stays and chainstays from my donor bike. I’m currently working on boxing in the chainstays where they meet the bottom bracket. I’m hoping that it will be strong enough once I am done. I’ll be posting pictures of what I’ve done so far.”

Read more and join the discussion:     Phil’s Highroller build thread!


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Holger’s recumbent tadpole trike – Germany

Hello, here is my second Project. Holger Wagner, Germany.”


our own AtomicZombie tadpole trike

Mini bike chopper from Russia

Mini bike chopper from Russia “Hello. My name is Aleksadr. I am from Moscow, Russia. I send you a photo for your gallery of builders. It’s a mini chopper I made for my son for school. I will be very glad if you put our mini chopper in your gallery. Viewing your photos has inspired me on construction of it.”

Taking the plunge in central MO – Atomic Zombie builders forum

Taking the plunge in central MO.

Junk bikes get new life – AtomicZombie builders gallery

“I picked a pair of old Schwinn OCC StingRay bikes from a the country, they were both in extremely bad condition. The chains were rusted solid and had to be cut off with a side grinder.

Everything on the bikes had to be sanded or wire brushed. The original frame configuration was a 20″ wheel on the rear and a 24″ wheel on the front. I extended and lowered the rear drop outs, the front forks, and the kickstand in order to accommodate 26″ wheels on the front and the back. I also had to recess the inside of the front forks to allow enough room for the 36v geared front wheel motor that I added. I moved the foot peg from the front forks to a rear location.

I built and welded on the front wheel disc brake mounting bracket and the rear rack. I mounted the 36v lithium battery to the front of the down tube. I also cut and leaned the seat post back a few inches and gave the bike the blacked out treatment.

Hope you guys like it, Michael Welch”







Atomic Zombie Newsletter for Sept. 8 – The Lost Files

Atomic Zombie newsletter for Sept. 7 - The Lost Files


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New Zombie from SW Missouri (Springfield)

“Hi, guys and gals. My name is Amos and I’m a Zom… newbie with about 30 sec. of stick welding experience (which was 5 or more years ago) who’s chomping at the proverbial bit to make himself a custom bike. (BTW, are all members of the forum considered Zombies, or just those who’ve completed a bike?)”

Read more and join the discussion:  New Zombie from SW Missouri (Springfield).


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