Netherlands Lowlife Limo

 “My name is Willem Willemsen, 48-years old and I’m from the Netherlands (West coast). My bike project started about 2 years ago, after I strolled around on the Internet. I used to ride motorcycles, but because of the lack of space and funds, I was looking out for some worthy replacement.

And, that’s where the bikes stepped in. So, I started the project together with a colleague of mine (who worked in our company’s workshop). We used a lot of scrap metal and second-hand bike parts.

The result was this 10′ long lowrider which weighs around 90-100 lbs. It has a 3-speed SRAM coasterhub,a 28″ front wheel and a 26″ 80 mm wide rear wheel. That’s the story in a nutshell.”

Bike builders rock!

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OK, we’ve joined, but someone already has our official name so we’re known as zombie_atomic. Hope to update with regular tweets so please join in!

Cheers, friends.